Requiescat In Pace?

Okay, I'm I left my coffee maker running.

Now, the topic being DEATH, and how we relate to it (as per the title). Tempted to ask how it relates to us? Well children the answer is DAILY. Everyday we wake up, we are dying a little. Moving a little slower, pain lasting longer, taking more time to heal. This is FACT; we are dying take your life with some seriousness. Now since this is all common knowledge, why do we glorify killing and murder? Here is my thing, because I am guilty of this myself....... the "I'm gonna clap ya, and wet ya, and hit ya with da shoddy"........ Really ..........are you really going to shoot me for thinking I can rap better than you? You're a killer eh? So why do we get all sad when we see death. I will do my best to break this down into the above focal points (leaving room for my usual tangents).
This is the part where I really had to make sure I did not come off sounding like C. DeLores Tucker or Sharpton or some shit. Why the need for the Murda Death Kill in the first place? Again, I am well aware that I am guilty of this and if you go to my page you will probably hear something to that effect (even though the dosage is small). However why do we feel the need to express hatred, as though it's going to make us likable? WHY DO WE KILL, or at the current status quo pretend to kill, or threaten to kill? Because your from the hood, because your gangsta? Everyone who lives in a "bad" neighborhood is not automatically a "bad" person, and gangsters would not shout a laundry list of crimes they committed into a microphone. Being a GOON, PIMP, HUSTLER, and GANGSTER are not good things. I don't do business with "hustlers" because they are not trustworthy and will probably try to steal. I don't let "pimps" around my family and friends because they are users, and manipulators. Gangsters in the truest sense of the word are not independent thinkers thus they are always caught up on some "group think". But more so than the rest "goons" are just fucking dumb. "I rolls around with the goons" well you know what Jack, you are a fucking goon. Show me who your friends are, and I will tell you who you be. So if you're constantly around low lives and criminals then you're probably scum in one shape or another. Think about it before you get all sensitive. If you see me…..right, and I am always around heroin addicts, and I dress like them, and relate to them, and "they are my people"……right. And one day you try to sell me some heroin, can I really be mad at you? DON'T FUCKING JUDGE ME YOU DON'T FUCKING KNOW MY LIFE NIGGA…………c'mon B. Give me a fucking break. I couldn't be mad at you, the same as a college kid who has a lot going for him, which dresses, talks, acts, and is constantly in the company of savages can't be mad at one of you for punching him in his face for cracking wise with you. HE MISREPRESENTED HIMSELF and a lot of you are doing the same. You might as well walk around with a stethoscope and some scrubs on. "I aint no doctor, don't judge me", riiiiight. Don't get me wrong beloveds. If you have got to do what you have got to do to survive than SERVIVE PEOPLE. I know that the rules are set in opposition to us. I know the teachers did not try to hard to reach us. I know ……TRUST ME. But at the same time, you know now too. So if you have been blindfolded, and I have been giving you piss to drink telling you its water……..THE BLIND FOLD IS OFF NOW…….put down the urine. We know its rough, but don't fuck up your own people……..that's just selfish. If you are REALLY a gangster……like a real one, then I have a request. DON'T PAY YOUR RENT. Try that shit. Don't pay your rent, because that shit is "extortion, and you don't play that". And when the sheriff comes to put your shit on the street, SHOW HIM YOU ARE A CERTIFIED G. You're a killer? Well then don't pay your gas and electric bill. Now when that utility man comes to clip your shit, HIT HIM with the Hecker & Koch. You're a pimp eh? Well my permed up pal, why don't you march your pimping ass down to the capital building and tell those fucks you're not paying taxes anymore, and you're tired of "hoing" for the US Govt. Then when they put you on trial for tax evasion, you show that judge what happens when you cross a real playa. Anything short of that and yall are nothing but posturing vaginas in funny clothing. Now I already warned you that I was going to get side tracked so let's go back to the main road now. All this death talk comes from the people who are most afraid to die. I would rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6……..really, well consider my direction the polar opposite. I would rather die than live on my knees. Would you really rather live as a slave than die as a man. Well bookings is the new slave ship, and they are catching free men left right and center. But you would sooner kill your brother than the man holding the whip. I know I am being kind of a dick here, but think about it for a second. None of us are REALLY suicidal......right? Subconsciously we are self destructive at best, (smoking, drinking, and eating meat) but this is a bit of a different bag. Killers, as in people who kill other human beings for money do not make a big deal out of it (death). Its one of those strange universal constants. Kind of like how rich people don't talk about money. Contract players, are discreet, usually have jobs, and are seemingly quiet and mild mannered people. That's why they are not in jail. Thus if you are a rapper that cant go 16 bars without catching some sort of imaginary body, than we all know your really a fucking liar PERIOD. So quick to murder, and assault, and yes even RAPE in a rap song, but in real life they are not even comfortable in the same room with a corpse. I have a friend that works in the morgue and she tells me about all you "D-Boys" who can't even look at a dead body. Why promote death if you're not comfortable with it? Do you think if people are convinced that you will kick in the door waving the 44 they will buy your record? How many records do you buy based solely off the artist's criminal docket? This is obviously directed at rappers and so called musicians, because they are the biggest culprits. The funny part is these are the same people who will be on the news crying into the camera and begging for justice when they loose someone close to them. In the last eight months I have lost six people I consider friends or family members. Chances are, most of us have lost people that are close to us (it's been a bad year yall). Some of it was senseless, and some of it accidental, but NONE OF IT WAS COOL. No one wants to hear a rap song from the person that murdered their peoples. No one wants to hear ill words spoken of their dead. How can anyone rap about shooting people and be even the least bit surprised when someone you know gets shot? Are we that self interested? Are people only people when you know them? My point in all of this being, if you're a rapper who "wont hesitate to kill" and "venerates the steel" don't be surprised when you find yourselves "featherweight 4 real" floating into the hear after. We have got to take some responsibility for the words we use, and the message we portray. If killing is cool, then death is cool. Unless you are of some strange new religion that I am not familiar with, where the nigga you shot and your dead aunt Gertrude go to two different places because you get to choose YOU'RE A HIPOCRITE. No disrespect to anyone who has and Aunt Gertrude. Remember one thing………. If you take a life, it's not just the person. It's anyone they would have fathered, children's children, and so on. Any one they would have inspired or touched. That person could have said some quick shit in passing to kid on a bus that turned out to be the next president. I know it's far fetched, but that's how I look at things. So either I am a hippy and a flower child, or your just an unenlightened schmuck. Take your pick………but I work in finance, and vote republican (RON PEEZY) so there aint a lot of unwashed poncho's and homegrown over here.

Death is promised for all of us. Look at that like daily motivation to live righteous and in tune with your deity (whichever one you like). So I truly hope that the friends I have lost in the last few months are resting in piece, because half of them did not live in it. As much as I miss my friends and mourn for their loss, I am not swayed to forget why 3 of them died……..their choices. We choose the paths we walk, and the devil aint just a liar……..he is also a really convincing salesman. Certain paths come with hard work, and pay off much later. Others pay off now but are fraught with such danger. Wrong road and your close friends will look like they strangers But if God is your guide in the jungle you won't stumble………just be patient RIP to all those lost recently, and a special shout to everybody who lost em.

And just as important……….what do YOU THINK?

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Kane Mayfield said...


kane this is a masterpiece of blogging from u jus do it all man and you will always be a friend of mines definitely

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Kane Mayfield (Mania Music)

Thank you bruh................ i appreciate your support B.

I know your going through it right now, so if there is anything I can do just let me know.

Posted by Kane Mayfield (Mania Music) on Jul 22, 2008 8:57 PM
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my dude! i don't think i've EVER read a blog from you. it's nice.

generally, i don't have a problem w/ artists that glorify murder, drugs, w/e whether they are ACTING or speaking on what they really know (& maybe still do). i'm not always a fan of it, but then again i don't have to listen to it either.

i liken this (destruction) to the movies--the godfather, mr. & mrs. smith, wanted, any action/cowboy movie. you know the actors are portraying a role, a fantasy. when they're off screen, they're still not portraying those roles. they CLEARLY let it go--some actors go on to say how much fun it was to PLAY such a villain, or a mobster.
why do musicians think the same doesn't apply to them? you could be that killer in your music--that would be your role--that's cool; but why carry that role in real life? that doesn't make sense to me & obviously doesn't work when you take that shit off wax.

why not assure your audience that this isn't really who you are, but a persona for your music? it is actually OKAY to do that. these kids know that christian bale ain't batman, but have no problem getting caught up in the fantasy for those 2 hours.

Posted by jaz on Jul 22, 2008 10:13 PM
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Kane Mayfield (Mania Music)

Has it been that long Jaz??? When you say it like that I get the impression I took too long a vacation from my snipers trench of blogdom. Its like going on a business trip, and you ring the doorbell on your house cause your key dont work, and your wife says " Can I Help You Sir".


but I digress
It very much relates to the image they portray.......I AGREE. No but..... I AGREE. In addition to that, we should not be so quick to accept these fuckers at face value. How many times can we fall for the same musical pick up lines? "I came for the streets", "I had to hustle to survive", "I was in jail, and I realized rap was the way", "My business savvy is what I learned from hustling".
Rick Ross was a fucking CO for Christ sake, he took his name from "Freeway" Ricky Ross

a wise man once said
" by assuming the name of another, you are attaching your future to their history."

Funny thing coming from a rapper named Kane, but we will just ignore that small hypocritical difference.

I can not express the depth of my chagrin, that we are yet again left mouth open staring at the picture of a man leading us astray, but talking about the color of his dress socks. Of coarse he is lying, and portraying a lifestyle hard to live and impossible to rap about. Thats why we should never let them get past the gate. We need to self induce a musical diet, in which any and all unhealthy sources of entertainment are fasted. Rick Ross, Jeezy, and Yung Berg, might as well be McDonalds, Burger King, and Taco Bell. Granted, when you are drunk it probably sounds great, but do you really want you newborn baby to eat a Chalupa? What about feeding your 15month old a Sausage McBiscuit? Then the new Gangsta Grizzillz is probably no better for your ears than that filthy shit is for your colon. How about we just disassociate with these artists like they are junkies (because they are) until they get right. Anyone addicted to selling poison to people darker than a manila envelope should be avoided like the plague. Any rapper that cant help but mention the brand of shoe or jeans he rocks should be treated like a person who smokes them.

Not forever just till they get right

Posted by Kane Mayfield (Mania Music) on Jul 22, 2008 11:27 PM
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M.I. {Blank}

Well To Comment On The Whole Death Thing In General. For Some Reason, Death Has Never Really Had Any Effect On Me Personally. I Havent Had Any Deaths In My Immediate Family. I Have Had People I Knew Of Die And I May Have Said "Oh Im Sorry, That's Sad" To One Of Their Love Ones Because I Dont Want To Be Perceived As "Heartless" For Not Feeling ANY Way About The Situation. Maybe I Never Know How To Feel About Death Because Im Havent Been Convinced About Any Theory Of The Afterlife And I Still Have Hopes Of Seeing Them Again. Who Knows. Thinking About My Sister Being "Gone", It Seems Strange (At Most) Because I Simply Cant Wrap My Head Around The Fact That I'll NEVER See Someone Again. I Also Get Disgusted When Everyone Refers The Dead As Beings That Are Automatically Going To "Heaven". This Is Similar To The "Free (Insert Name Here)" Issue. People Wear These Shirts And Say "I Just Want (Insert Name Here) Home KNOWING They Belong In Prison, But Just Because They're Close To Them, They Dont Deserve To Be There. I Would Love To See People To Refer To There Dead Loved Ones As "Up In Heaven Lookin' Over Me or In Hell Keeping It Cozy" Jay-z. 99% Of People Refuse To Accept The Reality Of Their Own Religion. But I Wont Get Into That. As Far As Rapping And Death. People Started To Accept The Murder Concept Because It Must Be Intriguing To Them. It's Something That They Wish They Could Do. "Hit A Nigga 20 Times With The Mac". It May Be People In The Rap Industry That Have Killed A Person But i GUARANTEE YOU They Dont Do It 24/7 Or Even 2/7. So Maybe They Are Portraying What They Wish To Be. Most People Want To Hear That And Dont Want To Listen To Anything Constructive. That's Why You Hear People Throwing In Random Gunplay Lines. But Hey...It's Generally Accepted So It Must Be The Right Thing To Do (SARCASM). So When It Comes Down To It. People Just Want To Be Accepted, No Matter What They Say.

Posted by M.I. {Blank} on Jul 23, 2008 1:11 AM
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Kane Mayfield (Mania Music)

Well Done YOUNG Jedi!

Excellent point, well thought out, concise, thought provoking.

Okay, enough ego food........on to business.

"They Dont Do It 24/7 Or Even 2/7. So Maybe They Are Portraying What They Wish To Be. "

I am quite sure this is correct on the surface, however the point I was aiming at was that when you get past the surface vanity of blood lust we all just long to live in peace. However ego mixed with bravado will not let a man want to be the first one waving the proverbial white flag. So we drive whips, and wear chains (wallet or neck), and have skull heads all over us. HOW FAR HAVE WE REALLY COME FROM THE SLAVE SHIP?
You are correct however, I am one of the only people who would admit some of my friends are probably in "hell". Not because I did not love them, or because I do not miss them, but solely based on their actions. Now on the other hand (a more optimistic one) I am not god, and can not tell you who does and does not go to heaven or hell. That is my gray area/comfort zone. However these "rap killers" seem like they freebase niggerdom, so the idea that their murdering friends are not Mumia, and their dead friends would be alive if they lived better lifestyles are about as coherent as underwater basket weaving to people in comas.
Yea..........think about it.

Posted by Kane Mayfield (Mania Music) on Jul 23, 2008 1:22 AM
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Black Spaceman

We all naturally conform to the rules of the herd, because nature tells us there is a strength in numbers. However when this plan fails we resort to eating the herd, or going off on our own despite the consequences (Katrina). We struggle against this on a day to day basis, but we all still want peace on some level. However when basic necessities are always the trump card, they will be fallen back on so fast you would think you never left. Anyone who has ever brushed their teeth with some toothpaste on their finger will attest to that.

So though i think personal psychological weakness could have something to do with it. It may just stem from our own instinctual reactions/ laziness.

then again i could always be wrong


Posted by Black Spaceman on Jul 23, 2008 3:27 AM
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Grim Rippa

my personal experience people with more money talked about having it more than the ppl with less money. On the death thing I don't know what to say about that. i've lost people close to me all the time. never cried. never really felt nothing. I mean I had a lot of love for them & everything, but never really felt anything. I mean the first thought in my mind would be who did it & that would get reaction, but I never asked for justice. I just wanted that nice feeling of returning a favor. like one of my homeboys just died from a ceasar. we were real close. he was like my brother. but i didn't feel shit when he died. ppl think i'm heartless when i don't understand when they are crying & going through all this emotional shit cause someone died. I just never understood it. I mean everyone is going to die. its not like we don't already know that. so why get emotional over it. I think most of the time people deserve to die. I mean most the time ppl die. Its because someone did something stupid or they didn't know how to keep their mouth shut.

Posted by Grim Rippa on Jul 25, 2008 5:06 PM
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Kane Mayfield (Mania Music)

Well...........where to start.

my personal experience people with more money talked about having it more than the ppl with less money.

This is probably true more so in black people, due to the fact that the system sets the rules in opposition to us winning. Thus when we score that touchdown, we tend to do a little dance for our folks back in the struggle. HOWEVER, this is not the case in the actual rich. The people your describing are really no better than upper middle class (or the "look rich"). This of coarse is not every and all, but definitely a large enough percentage to prove the point. The people who control the majority of the money in the country do not make a show of it. They drive regular vehicles to and fro, and you would not be able to tell they are rich by looking at them. This is not some shit i read on the net, I have (due to my profession) been around hundred millionaires, and most of them wear jeans, or just very comfortable clothing. Point being, for the "upper class" it is a sign of bad manners to even really discuss money in public. These are the rules of "polite" society, and finishing schools. They work, and live off of interest, all the while maintaining vast sums of money in trusts, treasury's, annuities, and other long term interest bearing vehicles. I know that was a whole lot, but trust me, its all valid.

as far as the rest.........well

Compassion is not just a human trait, its a natural one. When a lion dies, the rest of the pack mourns. Its in our basic hard wired emotions.......loss. We are not meant to be heartless, and if you find yourself not feeling anything you may want to think about taking a trip to the woods, or the desert, or just somewhere outside of your normal routine and getting in touch with yourself. Not feeling any pain, is a pretty big indicator that maby your running on overload. Go somewhere and just get it all out. I know guys that take a yearly trip to New Mexico and just spaz the fuck out in the middle of nowhere. It may sound like some sick shit, but its really whatever you have to do to keep your self in neutral. Kinda like people who say they never cry, or never feel fear. These are natural instincts, so if you dont feel them try to get in touch with nature. Even pitbulls cry. Whether people deserve to die or not, is for god to decide. I do not pretend to have a higher moral authority than anyone, so who ever dies my sentiments go out to your loved ones. In truth, the funeral is not for the dead.........historically. It is for US, so WE can say OUR goodbye's. If you have never felt loss, you may want to double check to see if you ever felt love, or ever felt loved. I aint no shrink or nothing, but certain stuff is just reptile brain. HOT, COLD, PAIN, HUNGER, SAD, LOVE, LUST, FEAR, these are all basic emotions that we all come standard with. When we are born we are born with two fears; falling, and loud noises..............ALL ELSE IS LEARNED. Then again, perhaps i am crazy after all.

Posted by Kane Mayfield (Mania Music) on Jul 25, 2008 7:48 PM
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Tim aka tblack

you this is so true for real so many of the rappers now talk about the people they have killed but then they are the same ones that when one of there boys gets killed they turn around and make a song as a tribute to them cuz they died. now i know death is an everyday thing but if u gonna do it have the heart to do it to someone else then dont go bitching and cryin when someone gets one of your peoples. if someone dies of natural causes then sure go rap a tribute to them but then in your next rap think about what your saying befre you say that shit dont go back to talking bout bustin caps off wehen your homeboy just died that so fucking stupid for real your boy jsut got cap now you gonna go take someone elses life cause they pissed you off. that shit will never end though. to many people dont leave there lives in gods hands. and the shit you said about choosing where someone goes after they die is so true. the person you killed is gonna be chillin with one of your homeboys you dont get to decide and karma is a bitch so you knwo you gonna get caught up sometime. to many people in this world act without thinking take it uon yourself to think and educate yourself and atleast oen other person around you. i know people gonna read this and say one more person aint gonna do shit to the world but it will makje a difference you made a difference you educated someone and you took it upon yourself to teahc them to think before they say shit. im out good blog kane i agree 100% and this is the reason i am tired of the radio and the watered down hip hop they support.
especially since the rappers who talk about this dumb shit get off for every damn thing they do for real it sends the kids the message that get famous and everything will be fine for you adn that message is bullshit

Posted by Tim aka tblack on Jul 25, 2008 5:08 PM
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Kane Mayfield (Mania Music)

I feel you brother, but we cant go but so far blaming them. Its the same for people who smoke crack........PERSONALLY, i feel you blame the junkie before you blame the dealers and suppliers, however we can only go but so far for education. The fact that they get away with this or that is none of our business. That is their personal choice, and our problem is with their professional choice. It just so happens that their profession, effects us personally so we take shit to heart (R Kelly, Solja Boi, etc). I would say, if you do not like that kind of music (much as I dont), wel then TURN IT OFF (much as I did). The length of the capabilities of tyrants are set by the hands and hearts of those whom they oppress. Look to the future of our music and culture, and look to the future of our people. TEACH the youth to decipher real, from wrong, and the devil in the details. WE THE PEOPLE have, and always have had the power to change our lives. Certainly not over night, however if all of the people begin moving in one direction we can be stronger than the mere life of the person leading us. However it begins with ONE PERSON, to perfer death over a life of degradation.

I dont think we are far off.

Posted by Kane Mayfield (Mania Music) on Jul 25, 2008 8:03 PM
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Grim Rippa

I can't agree on the gangsta thing. the example you used would in no way prove you are a gangsta even if you succeeded. the dummies that join gangs to look tough, ect. any form of unity requires a "group" mindstate. otherwise you are all random people who in turn end up as enemies & choas. when MLK walked with all those people it required a group mindstate. When malcolm X & the Blank Panthers did what they did it required a group mindstate. the fact that there is a USA, Africa, Russia, China, Mexico, ect. is because of a group mindstate. without a group mindstate how would we have food, jobs, cars, ect. workers are a group. what about rap groups. you are either with someone or against them. meaning you either have a group mindstate or you have a crab in a frying pan mindstate. so either you are working with someone or you are hurting them.

Posted by Grim Rippa on Jul 25, 2008 5:09 PM
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Kane Mayfield (Mania Music)

Any form of unity requires a "group" mind state. Otherwise you are all random people who in turn end up as enemies & chaos.

I couldn’t disagree more. That is what the status quo puts forth to discourage individual thought and reliance. We do not need police, and big brother watching over us on a minute by minute basis, under the guise of "keeping the peace", or "protecting us from ourselves". People who live communally do not live with the pillars you just described. People grow their own food, feed themselves and live with a fuck lot less stress then we have here today. This country was not founded on "a group"; it was founded on "the people" who all live their lives individually because we finally had a system in which that was possible. If you do not want to pay taxes pointlessly or be under the thumb of a dictator, you could go live in the mountains, and build your house and as long as you put up signs that you "staked your claim" you could shoot anyone who intruded. THAT WAS THEN, THIS IS NOW. Now you have no privacy, and there is no staking your claim. Doing my best to avoid a tangent I will reiterate.........WE ARE INDIVIDUALS. I have heard the "everything is a gang" argument countless times and it NEVER holds water. The Panthers were not a "gang" they were an extension of the peoples rights incarnate. To explain, we all have certain rights that get violated on a day to day basis because we do not know those rights exist. The Panthers knew this and simply went around making sure our rights were not violated. That is not a gang, it’s a militia. And a militia though it could be mistaken for a gang by those who do not know the history of this land we live in, IS BY DEFINITION the opposite of a gang. At the time, a gang being a mob, and a mob representing chaos, the militia is OF the people, and BY the people same as a mob, but with a different purpose. A shovel aint a hand, but a hand can be used to shovel. Just because they can perform the same task does not mean they are the same.

Without a group mind state how would we have food, jobs, cars, ect?

How have we existed for this long? People did not always have govt, jobs, and factories. Things get built through the efforts of individuals, most of which having help. By your mind state, the people who live in Jamaica who never come down from the Blue Mountains should not be able to eat. Devoted worshipers of the most high who live isolated in rainforests, jungles, or other terrain should not be possible. WE WERE NOT MEANT TO LIVE AS WE DO TODAY. We (Americans) are the greatest consumers of pork, alcohol, nicotine, and misinformation this planet as ever seen. If I took you from where you are now, and placed you in Barbados do you think you would starve to death, if there was no one on the island but you? If you were in a place like Nigeria where all one must do is plant it and it will you think you would starve to death? So life is possible without the system.........NEVER DOUBT THAT.

the dummies that join gangs to look tough, ect

Outside of prison........NOT JAIL..........PRISON; I do not see much of the necessity in joining a street gang. A street gang is absolutely different from a fraternity, in so many ways that is not even an argument I casually entertain. Gangs/gang members will often liken themselves to freedom fighters, and the Black Panthers and I truly can not understand how. HOW DO YOU HELP THE PEOPLE? Do you provide breakfast/lunch/dinner for underprivileged children? Do you prevent the police from violating anyone’s rights? Do you protect the people who can’t protect themselves? Do you even know what "our rights" are? Do you do any of the above for FREE? Do you do any of the above with CLEAN MONEY? Well this is the difference from a fucking street gang, and a group of freedom fighters. IF YOU SELL DRUGS YOUR NOT GOOD FOR THE COMMUNITY..........PERIOD. No if's, no and's and no but's. I will bet you dollars to donuts that ALL (and by all, I mean ever last one) of the customers who buy the drugs are not WHITES who live in DIFFERENT cities. So even if we allow regional selfishness you’re not selling dope to white people from Minnesota. You can not steal 10 dollars from me, loan me 12 and call yourself doing me a favor. DONT STEAL FROM ME IN THE FIRST PLACE. Do no poison your community. Don’t sell drugs to people who look like you. These are the "rules of engagement", and people like the Panthers were wiped out when they gave power to the street gangs. That power was in MONEY, and that money came from DRUGS. So yes, people join gangs because they are either in a family that has been in THE SAME GANG for decades, go to PRISON (not county lockup), or are just people who NEED the acceptance of other people to flourish. This is not "every" and "all", but damn sure a nice healthy percentage. There are so many other organizations that are out there for people to join, to "make some change" that if you only opt for a gang, you’re retarded, uninformed, or addicted to being a nigger. A group of friend’s aint a gang, it’s a group of friends, but the POLICE IS A GANG and they run this set called America. So go clash with them, and don’t harm another civilian again EVER. Then you’re a real gang. All that fake community betterment shit is some old tired rhetoric that even gang member don’t believe. A lot of those principals most gang members (mind you I said most, because MOST of them aint even properly chartered) do not match their actions. The police are the largest debate on that right? So if another gang rides through flagging their colors and fucking with you what do you do? I bet if that was a bunch of nigga's with different color handkerchiefs in a Maxima yall would act a little different. So lets not be hypocrites, MOST of that gang shit is used (on the streets) as just an exaggerated way to commit crime, and the banging portion gives it some history (a commodity that black Americans crave) and the complicated handshakes make us feel like we up on some shit that no one knows about. The same BAD REASONS lead people to Nation of Gods and Earths, Moorish Science Temple, Masonic Lodges, etc. Try to tell those brothers and sisters that they are gangs in the same tier as a bloods, or crips.

meaning you either have a group mind state or you have a crab in a frying pan mind state. so either you are working with someone or you are hurting them.

This leaves no gray area for anything else besides gangs. I am not a "crab in the frying pan" and I doubt there is anyone who would read my writing, listen to my music, or talk to me for 20 min and come to that conclusion. I am definitely not a gang member so where would I fit into that equation? There are BILLIONS of people who have no knowledge that either of us exist, they don't even know about Myspace. How are they hurting us? People can live in monasteries by themselves or even in a crowded metropolis like NYC, but have that monastery mind state. These people do not hurt nor help anyone. Now if you take the moral high ground and say that "not helping is hurting" than what you have said about gangs being good and bla bla NEEDS TO BE RETRACTED FIRST. If a person who just lives his life, and does not contribute, but does not exploit he is not on the same level as a pimp, pusher, or thief.

Posted by Kane Mayfield (Mania Music) on Jul 27, 2008 2:40 PM
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* Sashoi *™

Wow. I couldn't have said this any better. Well worth the read! I agree with you 100% and I had a few laughs along the way.

Posted by * Sashoi *™ on Jul 26, 2008 6:31 PM
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Kane Mayfield (Mania Music)

Thanks love

Posted by Kane Mayfield (Mania Music) on Jul 27, 2008 3:03 AM
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Kane Mayfield (Mania Music) Twitter

Cant Leave Home Without It

Cant Leave Home Without It
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