This is not the 50's people, so if you have got a chick
that your supposedly in all types of Lifetime Channel
love with, than your probably not going to want to slam
the ham with some random broad। I personally don't
care what y'all niggas do. Cheating "in the words of
B.Shaw" makes relationships better. Think about it, you
cheat (if you love the chick) you feel like a piece of
philandering shit, so you go buy flowers, spend time,
and put some effort back into putting her down for the
count (that way she is not staring at you all mad, while
you watch sports center). However there are other
people that want to cheat, and then go be a dickface to
your significant other, well because your scum..... you
should burn in hell. And you will burn inside when your
fucked up treatment forces your woman/man/pet to go
get their June bug out with some random person,
subsequently bringing you home a disease.

A man should only have one woman, unless that man is
African, or Muslim or really fucking cool, like Rick
Flare. Juggling a multitude of poontang is a fine art, like
painting, or stealing, and should only be done my
someone with the stones to do it right. None of that
condom wrapper under the bed shit. NEVER subject
yourself to the torture of a bad relationship with
ANYONE. If your everyday protocol, somehow involves
you sticking your joebar into some different puss, or
vice versa for you ladies then you have some real
relationship problems you should work out...OR END IT
LIKE A GROWN UP. For all my hatred and animosity, I
am reluctant to hurt the few women who are willing to
put up with my shit. Cheating is a release and nothing
more. A good relationship/marriage/fuck buddy, has a
lot of tension and buildup that can wreak havoc on you
over the long haul. So if you MUST CHEAT, then cheat
to blow off steam and GO HOME. Go on the net, find a
hooker for a reasonable price, pay her to leave and wash
your balls. Don't cheat for attention, or for the person
that will finally do you right. Eventually some shit kicker
will find your happy button, and you will be hooked.
You will fuck up your love shit for some sex shit and be
the most unhappy person, who cant stop smiling. Seven
times out of ten, the guy you meet in Walmart by the
socks & draws, can knock the bottom out of you better
then your man. However he is also more likely to black
your eye when you say that slick shit your husband gives
you a pass on because he knows your stupid and
irrational. This goes double for you fellas. The girl you
met at the Orange Julius, will give you a better work
over, but she will also; key your car, call your chick,
show up to your job/ house, and have her cousin Ray
Ray & Dem, teach you a lesson after you tell her to kick
rocks, or (worst of all, talk to you during Sports Center).
Cheating with some chick/dude that your going to get all
mushy in the face with is a huge complication that
should be avoided like stink people in the rain. It is
WRONG to have an affair (that involves feelings), but
getting out your sexual tension on some consistent
contestant, is not only a good idea, but (depending on
how fucked up you are) a key component to a happy
healthy relationship.


85% of yall will get caught, or even worse caught up,
and be subjected to the full wrath of some jilted lover.

Pay it forward bitches.

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