People don’t want “smart” music, they want pushbutton gratification. Not to mention it is 2008, and the 1980+ crack babies are now in their 20’s and running around. Sadly, people strive to cater to them, with statements like “I make music for my street peoples and hustlers because that’s what I am”. Do they really need their own music? By that same mentality, I make music for retarded kids to nod their helmets to (no homo). I make music for junkies to get high and rape little girls to…. is that also ok? Well obviously it is, if it was a problem widely glamorized and made almost so common it is the general consensus. How about if he had an iced out needle to stab him self with……ah, ah, eh, C’mon? More black men are in prison than in school, and more of us will die an unnatural death due to the high risks of living in impoverished communities. In fact so devastating the problem that by my own calculations, one in five have already stopped reading this post because it has “too many big words”. Sad but true.

“Well what am I suppose to rap about, happy shit?”,
Well no, but if you are a rap artist……. where’s the art? What is poetic about ABC lyrics, a catchy hook, repetitive beat, and a bunch of video bitches pretending to be interested in you, whilst you rock fake jewels, and stand in front of tangibles you don’t, and probably cant afford (cars, boats, houses)? A good friend of mine told me recently that my music needed to take a turn towards Dumbadown Blvd. When asked why, he informed me that though lyrically proficient, “some people don’t want to hear tricks on the mic, some people just want to hear the truth”. Profound as that is, there still MUST be some sort of bare minimum standards that we impose upon people who we pay to entertain US. How scared are we of drug dealers who are so good at selling drugs that they broadcast the size of shipments, locations of spots, names of competition, and the amounts of money being made that puts them SOOOO in the black, that they only rap as a hobby, BUT YOU SHOULD NOT DOWNLOAD IT because your taking money out of their pockets and food from their children.


No… I, as well as WE don’t believe you. It has been said before, and I will reiterate, if “I” was “YOUR” connect, “I” would have “YOU” bodied. I am sure the imaginary man that gives you the drugs you don’t sell has already given you a pass on this issue, but the person that your character is based on would probably go missing after his first 8 bars. Why push the negative? Why reinforce the stereotypes that you yourself don’t even live up to. Mid 80’s to early 90’s we hit a plateau. We will not get any worse than that, because THEY (who control our shipments) wont let us get it; that cheap, quick, pure, or profitable EVER AGAIN. That was it… sorry if you missed it. You are probably not going to make an easy million selling heroin on your corner. You WILL catch cases, and they WILL lock you up, with all the other brothers that tried, and a few brothers that didn’t try, but they put them in there anyway. Do you know what the ratio is for black men in the prison system….. FORGET WHAT IT IS, you know its high right? Of course you do, so why would you do these kids the disservice making it seem cool? What goes on in the street that is so important that you INSIST UPON telling them, that they cant see on TV, or hear from someone else’s hot crack piff? You kept it gully? You shot a bunch of people? You been locked up a few times? Was any of that worthy of a video with a 3mm budget? Does your lack of proper vocabulary, and common sense WARN, a child, or ENCOURAGE them to follow you into damnation? Modern day minstrel sirens. That’s what they are. they stand on a rock and sing catchy nigger jingles to lure the ships of young minds into disaster. Some things (believe it or not) you just shouldn’t see or hear about.

My friends BRAG to each other about who’s son is more of a square. Think about that. His son does not know why you need a gun, so when he grows up, he wont need one. His son does not know why you need cracks in your sock, and packs on your block, so when he grows up he wont either. Truth be told, his son might be the lawyer that helps your son beat his case. The case he wouldn’t have caught if he wasn’t trying to be like you. When your son gets tried as an adult, at the tender age of 17, and is being used like a party favor on some desolate tier somewhere HE WILL REGRET knowing you, and not knowing his son. I understand we are not all living like the Cosby show, but we are definitely not all living like The Wire. A lot of what happens on BOTH those shows is no longer reality. We had better attendance and graduation rates at HBCU’s and most of those menacing projects and characters don’t exist anymore (at least not at the same level as depicted).

Why is it cool to raise that hammer eye level and wild west a cat that got fresh at the mouth with you? Why is it wrong for someone who saw you do that senseless shit make sure you pay for it?

Don’t know the answer yet? Now why is your family all crying on the 10pm news on a blood stained street corner pleading for justice because some obscure cousin of the dude you shot, popped up on you and let out a hail of bullets killing you and your 3 month old sitting in the backseat. WHY IS THAT OKAY? Why is it only cool, when it doesn’t happen to you?

How about my man (and please forgive me for using you as an example for a second here brother) Young Sleezy shoots your mom in the face with a shotgun on her birthday? WAIT HOLD YOUR OUTRAGE FOR A SEC…
The cops catch him (again YS, just an example), and he goes to jail. I understand that’s your mom and all that jazz, but that’s my NIGGA RIGHT THERE. Now I get everybody to wear FREE YOUNG SLEEZY t-shirts and put banners up, and Myspace bulletins, and have all kinds of Sleezy awareness rallies. How mad are you going to be? Well it happens children. A lot of you take this rap thing a little too far. If ANY OF YOU, are as tough as you say you are, and killing a nigga is your morning cup of coffee, well LET ME INFORM YOU that you are living in the wrong country. Try the Sudan, or Jamaica, or Kenya, or the Congo. Try a country were bodies are dropping faster than the keys as I push them. Then you would get to keep it gully and street, and “do you” without all types of police, and judges, and snitches harassing you and fucking up your “grind”.

Where are YOUR balls (no broke back)? What makes you SO HOOD, that you cut, shoot, and poison your neighbors? And SO GANGSTA and REAL, that you can make a recorded account detailing all of your crimes with measurements and locations. And me SO DUMB as to pay you money for this criminal transcript, or audio indictment, as to make you SO RICH, that you don’t have to do any of that stuff anymore, but you will continue to talk about it because obviously I must like hearing it, and its good to remind the people that ARE still doing it that you were a fucked up person at one point in time as well?

Yeah……….. digest that for a second.

What is the logical reason for that?
Your not that bright, and your a vain self interested person, who would sooner burn the community to the fucking ground before someone else made the dollars off of it. I do not speak for the masses, but WE DONT NEED YOU. The most honorable death you should be provided with is being forced to live it like you rap it.
We shouldn’t support shit artists, who rap about lies. We shouldn’t support shit music, which follows in the grand scheme of Willy Lynch, and leads our children astray. We shouldn’t support money hungry corporations that wish nothing more than to force feed our kids E pills, cheap liquor, big dreams, and the ideas that bad credit, poor grammar, and a hot 16 bars will make them successful in America.

As always
Reap The Consequences

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