Follow My Flow Fridays Part VII.... Dealers and Hustlers

I cant front, I truly love the responses I have gotten for Follow My Flow. Just a quick aside... I appreciate you all, thank you. Additionally we recently got HARD COPIES of Welcome To The Audience and they are better than pants with pockets. So if you need one inbox me, chat me up, or stalk me in real life since i will have them EVERYWHERE lol. 
But you can always buy it HERE.

But enough of my salesmandingo …lol… I had realized that for all of the FMF's I really haven't done any of my concept records. I know... TRAVESTY OF JUSTICE lol. But since that is something folks like to see I chose one of my favorites. This record has a very special signifigance to me because when I had first started pursuing music I was really scared that I was not good enough. One of the people who's opinons matter most to me (my big brother) pulled up to my house on a Saturday bumping this song. I looked out the window and saw him mouthing the words while he took stuff out of his trunk. I know... small thing in retrospect, but that made me feel like I had won already.

This was a last minute addition to my first EP "Prelude To The BladeRunner" (click HERE to download the EP. I was previously a stockbroker, and since no one had ever written about that from an insiders perspective Headphones suggested it.
Here is the song (
Streaming Play).
Funny thing is … I always thought that the it was nice that we are called Securities "Dealers". So I wrote a record comparing them to the other kind of Dealers i knew. Can you hear the comparison?

BUT ENOUGH OF MY BLATHER….. On to the break down
***FOLLOW MY FLOW*** For the lyrics you know

This Verse is off of: 
Dealer (Click To Listen)

Here is the 2nd verse w/ the breakdown:

Round of applause for the new representative is short lived
You still broker than the broker yelling it

When you pass your Series 7 exam you usually enter the boardroom floor to applause from the other guys clapping. You are now licensed and allowed to make money. However you have about as much as you did the day before lol.

Just a cold caller, with a couple stripes on ya
Still Breaking your neck trying to get your first order

You start out as a cold caller, then you graduate to account opener, then you can typically go on to run your own book of business. But fresh off your test, you are still cold calling even though you are technically one pay grade up. 

8am till the grave shift, maintain your corner
On the market, you heartless fucking got a margin call

Not that there is an award for it, but you will literally work from 7am till Midnight. It is a high risk, high stress, high reward business. You get stone cold... all you care about is your position (your block). Opening accounts on a shitty position will make you a killer, or wash you out of business. A margin call is where a stock you 
shorted (bet will decline, starts going up... basically you owe more money).

Client want to dump it, you studdering by some fucking more. Listen this is dollar cost average, Your dealing with the best im vet

Often when you are loosing your clients first reaction is "SELL SELL SELL, that is the worst thing they can do. For one if you loose a client you cant get paid on them anymore (selfish but true). Not only that but if you buy when its cheaper you can reduce your overall cost, which is called dollar cost averaging.

SIR, My short sale gambit, like a force field dammit
Im keeping your investment on a short leash, we short L.E.A.P.S on the advantage. Im a daredevil I do what you wont to make my sale better

At this point im just selling bullet proof vests in brooklyn. Its the classic "we are down, but im gonna fix it". All I am talking about really is the situations we went through to make money selling security for securities. 

I aint backing down, your other broker pussy, just acat the account. My pimp hand strong, my trades slap you around
He a threat, your in danger. Im correct im a trader, im the best im a player.

When you are down, or up, or just feel like getting some new money you ask for an ACAT. Which is an account transfer. So im at X firm, the borrower has a Y account and a Z account. Im like "fuck them.. they suck, stop playing with Johnny Ray's Funds and Fudge and send your money over here so i can bla bla bla. 

Rest Of The Song: Just to give a little insight to the other two verses. The Term Player.. is like I guess the best thing you can hope to be. By the time people are referring to you as a player, you can safely assume you are PAID IN FULL. But really i filled this song with stuff that would only probably make sense to people who were in Finance. I spent a good 10 yrs in the industry and there are some subtle nuances that I hid just for them.... see if you can find em. Oh, and just to spoil the story... the good guys win.

Follow My Flow Fridays Part VI ...... Ladies Choice

Okay……. so I took a nice break from Follow My Flow Fridays as to not distract from my first album release. It’s called Welcome to the Audience and it is 17 different kinds of fantastic. You should definitely buy it SOON.

But all my raptastic persuasion aside…lol… I have had this request in my inbox for quite some time and boy do I hate to disappoint. This was brought to you by Amber, who you may know from my infrequent “Things my Homegirl Says”. Its one of her favorite songs, and she is one of my favorite people so the pleasure is all mine.

BTW Props to...

Brandon Soderberg for Soul Food & Sushi click here

Dj Harvey Dent for High Yellow Soul click here

Both of these guys put this record on their mixtapes… still means a lot to me that they did that.

BACKGROUND: This was a pseudo-single that was released back in 2009. I never really ranted and raved about it, but it was featured on some blogs which was cool. Actually this song has become one of my favorites to perform.
Here is the song (Streaming Play).
Funny thing is … this whole song has happened at one point or another. It is 3 verses telling stories about meeting different bad ass women (in a good way) lol.

BUT ENOUGH OF MY BLATHER….. On to the break down
***FOLLOW MY FLOW*** For the lyrics you know

This Verse is off of:Headbussa (Click To Listen)

Here is the verse w/ the breakdown:

Sexy deadly.... walk in the door
Got me sweating, I exit the Barnes and Nobles
Com-pose myself.... talk to her slow
Stilettos clip clop the marble she stroll

This is strait storytelling for the most part… I always thought the whole “book store” “compose myself” thing was cute but I really did start sweating in my suit. This was at the Barnes and Nobles in Towson.

Built like a GOOD GAAWD.....
I can’t watch or I stare...
To get her profile from the side
Old men jogging to gawk at her thighs
Face like an angel....Damn she a dime

I literally found myself awkwardly staring at this girl. She’s what gods mistress would look like. If god was Ike Turner. Lol. And this old guy really was caning it (no pun intended) so he could peek at her from around a shelf.

Ass looking like two timberland boxes
She's a threat; I'm impressed with her feminine posture
No friends no gentlemen blocking
I’m too fly to stare; she's too kind to stop me
Nails look real.... hair Dominican
Breasts look fake I tried not to mention them
Pushed two books off the shelf with a pencil
"I'm sorry dear, my god did I get you"
You a headbussa

Yeah, I really knocked books off of a shelf to get her attention
She was hot…… and I will not be judged by you. Only god can judge me.
Especially that Ike Turner God….. he gets it in.

Rest Of The Song: Just to give a little insight to the other two verses. The train thing happened when I lived on 157th St. It was a little bit after the blackout and everybody in NYC was still all “train jittery” so you could make eyes a cute chicks if you look strong enough to open the doors in an emergency lol.
The third verse was at a job…… I will not say when, or which one. Fuck that….just know it happened.

My P90x Adventures

Okay....... So I decided to start the whole trimming down process and a few of my friends had a lot of luck with the P90x. I knew (because i heard from basically everybody) that this would suck and my life would be an awful traverse from pain to more pain, and then to soreness, and that if i did the diet with it I may want to give my guns to my mom so I don't shoot up a Taco Bell. That not withstanding, I decided to do it, and to make it more interesting I will chronical my Narnia.......... but with black people. No really there are no black people in that movie wtf. Anyways lol. 

Day 1

So i did my first P90x workout....... and apparently that shit is like INSTANT SLEEP on a stick. I was finished around 9:30pm took a shower, and it was OVER. I mean like fuck a towel... B line from my bathtub to my bed. Took my before pictures, and btw I am a pretty fat guy. Anywho I just woke up... and I can tell this next 90 days is going to suck balls. So my first disk was Chest and Back and as soon as i was done .......BAM throwing up mad water. Its peewee football all over again. I called my boy who gave me the disc (cause fuck that) really just to complain, and he is like "yo your not done. You still got to do the Ab Ripper", so im like BASTARD. So crazy. I took a shower and just sat on the floor of my tub and almost had a "cant get up" moment. The only thing pushing me is that;

1. My before picture was some shit (my vanity wont let me live like this)
2. The way I figure .... I am already funny, and can rap. If you throw underwear model physique into the mix ... sky's the limit right lol. 
3. Good health and bla bla live longer with the thing and the place or whatever.
4. Im better in the sack when im skinny and full of energy
5. When I had a 6 pack I rarely ever paid retail.
6. Palooza....... i will explain that later.

Here is where we are........ my muscles are sore (kinda), its 4am, and I am ready to take on the world (not really).

Oh and just an aside......... all of the people on these video's look like Vampires and/or Cocaine abusers.


City Paper Review's: The Really Big SHOW !!!!

The Windup Space doesn't book hip-hop shows very often, but it’s proven that when it does, it gets it right. Saturday night’s bill was in many ways the perfect trio of acts to represent Baltimore rap at the venue: left-field and approachable enough for the Station North crowd, but still hip-hop to the core. Live rap band Soul Cannon has roots at the space–guitarist Matt Frazao co-curates the weekly Out of Your Head improv night–and it brought along the deliriously fun girl group the Get Em Mamis and the iconoclastic MCs of Mania Music Group to complete the bill.
Mania Music Group’s original three-man roster has been performing together as a group for about two years now, but shortly before the release of its new album, Welcome To The Audience, it brought female rapper Milly July into the fold. And though she fits well into the label’s established musical sensibility, Saturday’s set showed signs that it hasn’t quite worked her into the polished stage show yet.
She began the night with two solo cuts, with RapMan Ron G. playing hypeman, and the songs were solid, but some microphone feedback appeared to shake her confidence. And since much of the other material performed that night was recorded before her joining the group, she didn’t show up much for the rest of the set, except to come out and wave goodbye after the guys’ closing posse cut “Blown Out.”
The second rapper Mania featured was Dappa!! Dan Midas, the label’s most seasoned performer, and he showed his pedigree by pulling the crowd closer to the stage and turning heads with his new look–a mohawk and sleeveless denim jacket–before mocking his own Mr. T-like appearance. Ron G’s solo performance was more straightforward and no-frills, but still compelling, while Kane Mayfield’s goofball persona was on full display as he worked the crowd. Mania jumped all over its deep back catalog for the setlist, but the emphasis was on the just released new album, including guest turns by Greenspan and Soul Cannon’s Eze Jackson, respectively, on the singles “Study My Dreams” and “Love Thang.”
The Get Em Mamis suffered some technical setbacks during their performance, but the duo of Roxzi and Symphony didn’t let a skipping CD slow them down too much. Their rep for party-starting dance tracks is the emphasis on their new mixtape Pop, Rocks & Soda, and they leaned heavy on frantic beats such as “Over Here” and “Party Like the New Year.” But they’ve still got an ear for hard midtempo hip-hop, and their summer jam “Alpines Kickin’” got the crowd moving as well as any club anthem.
As good as the first two acts were, Soul Cannon undeniably owned the stage as soon as the band stepped on it. The quartet, featuring three instrumentalists fronted by rapper Eze Jackson, pared down from a five-piece after the departure of the founding bassist a year or two back, and somehow removing that element freed the band to get louder, leaner, and meaner. The sound now is a raw nerve, Jackson’s voice hoarse with urgency and emotion as he competes with the band for the audience’s attention, tumbling syllables over anxiously stuttering rhythms.
Soul Cannon played for more than an hour, animating both older songs, such as “Dilapidated Buildings” and “Sucked Out Of A Dream” from 2008’s debut Kaboom, and newer songs from the upcoming The Mixed Ape, with fresh new twists and energetic performances. Though The Mixed Ape emphasizes a more studio-crafted sound with programmed drums and synths, Frazao and drummer Nathan Ellman-Bell made songs such as “2010 A.D.” and “emceeswannarap” more dynamic and confrontational, without falling into a predictable rut of rock/rap fusion. Unsurprisingly, the audience only wanted more when the band was ready quit, and it pulled out one more song, “Claps,” that was such a perfect marriage of Soul Cannon’s pop instincts and arty ideas that it’s amazing that it wasn’t in the original set list.


N-Word WHAT......... N-Word WHO

Yeaaaaaah............. so this is how the story goes.

I get this Myspace friend request from some rap kid from OHIO named Jerry right?

I know... why am I still on myspace right? Well i had the page for a while, and every now and then an old friend (who has been locked up from back when myspace was cool) will hit me up so I check it here and there.
Not the point.
Back to Jerry... rather than just accept his shit (like a needy friend monger), I check out his music (like i always do about this time) and I hear NIGGA. Once is too many, but it is littered in every other bar.

Now comparitavley, the crack music that a lot of yall make is littered with a fuck lot more SUBS's (Setting Us Back Statement) than Jerry's. But it just so happens that it is a some corn fed white boy talking about nigga this, and his niggas that.

Should this really bother me.......... probably not. Considering that there are millions of children on this spinning ball of dirt and water that do not have clean drinking water,............?
NO, a dumb ass redneck rapper (rapneck) should not be able to get me off my train of thought. But I'm bored, and I had the time while I was eating a sandwich so I shot the kid a response as to why I denied the holy shit out of his friendly request for my fake internet friendship.

The message was:

Subject: Cant fuck wit ya Kramer

Call me old fashioned, but white rappers who say; nigga/nigger/nig/nukka/ninja/niggra/Nigeria/Canadian/Mondays
or any other "darkey derivative" just dont sit too well with me. Dont worry, I am not staging a "sit in" or anything like that, and furthermore people with my opinion most likely in the minority but you might not want to perform that shit.
Have fun at the next klan meetin'
Kane M. 

See not that bad riiiiiiight
but then This kid hits me back with this:

Subject: RE: Cant fuck wit ya Kramer




Now i know what i think.........because im thinking it
(and because i told me already)

But what do you all think?

Obviously the kid was a douche, and even worse a bad rapper, but did i over react (did I underreact)?

I hate some of these music people.

A very nice young lady told me that "hate" is a strong word, but this is a very strong feeling.

Between you and me (and whoever else read this lol)
this is relatively new for me........... the hating of strangers over hip hop. I never really cared enough to give the thronging masses of unsigned artist a second though, but i think the longer you have forced interaction with ANYONE, the larger the breeding ground for contempt.


Hate IS a strong word, however being forced to "play nice" with rappers named Young Cruddy Gunshot Uzi Killah who will go on, and on about how they keep it gully, gangsta, real, popping in the streets, spit the hot crack piff, pop glocks, and grab guap, and are for the kids..... You really want to bungee with no cord just for some peace and quiet. The only thing that makes it worth it, is the small group of people who enjoy the crazy shit I rap about. Coupled with the artists that are SO INCREDIBLE and talented that its a constant source of inspiration.

sorry to get all Hemingway on you all here, but its been a long week.

Perhaps we were meant to cross paths so i could give him a reality check, and save him from getting on stage and saying that simple shit and loosing his life?
Maby he will be the next Em' ?
On the other hand he may have just blown me off, gone to get some dark meat from Popeye's and sung "shoot a nigger kill a nigger" all the way home.


drop your 2 cents

By: Kane Mayfield

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Kane Mayfield (Mania Music) Twitter

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