REP YOUR SET........(and by rep i mean "stop living in, and by set i mean "TV")

(and by "REP" I mean stop living in, and by "SET" I mean your TV)


This blog started out as a response to a topic on Judah's blog on gangs in the DMV.
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Personally, I was not going to touch topics like this, because they draw out the stupid’s……..but I caved in, and here is my response to the endless sea of people telling me Lil Wayne, The Game, Jim Jones, and ( I suppose) Snoop , are the reasons we slangin' and bangin'.
Well I wouldn’t buy that with your money, so load em up because here I come 


Although many group activities fall under the definition of "gang" there is a difference between "gang" and "street gang".

THE CHILDREN ARE OUR FUTURE, and although its cliché' it's true. But that is no excuse for letting them do whatever they want. Our president is a big ass in point. It is really easy to sit back and say "these gangs are out of control", but really do nothing to stop it. Personally I do not care about gangs, or gang violence, because I am not in Jail. Joining a gang because you went to prison and realized you were not quite the super villain who you presumed yourself while you lurked the street.......... well you're not the brightest bulb in the box, but I can follow the thought pattern. How do you join a gang when you're free to come and go as you please? How do you join a gang and your over the age of 14 (fuck I look like @ 26 wanting to be a blood)?

YOU ARE some shape form or fashion. If it wasn't a gang, it would have been drugs, or a drinking game, or a belly ring, or a homosexual encounter that did you in. Something would have pressured you left or right because you're missing a foundation. Now some folk's foundation is in gangs........ And again, I understand that. It is kind of hard to say "fuck you every male family member for 3 generations" and not clique up........its apart of who you are. But aint a whole lot of generational bloods and crips in MD or NY, so that makes you deficient by default. If any of what I am saying is pissing you off........... Then good, fuck you, your corny. Then there is the "everything is a gang" logic that these miscreants like to use as their coat of arms. I got news for you junior; although many group activities fall under the definition of "gang" there is a difference between "gang" and "street gang". The Black Panthers were NOT a gang, they were a political party.

Political parties are not street gangs,  .......douche!

If you are truly fighting the power to embetter our neighborhoods then feed kids school lunches with money NOT made from crime. Do positive work in a community without selling drugs in it. In fact lets widen out the parameters shall we....... do some good without hurting black people at all (you can pull that off right..?). Fighting with another "set" over some shit that was not even started in your community, state, region, or fucking time zone is super soft and I am surprised you're not sucking 4 dicks right now. Now before you get your bandanna in a bunch, understand why I am saying this. If you are sooooooo bored, and soooooo gangsta that you just HAVE to kill for a cause........... Go shoot the CEO of a news station that depicts black people in a negative light. Go pop the top of the President of a pharmaceuticals company who overcharges for brand name perscriptions. Beat down a senator, or at least try to punch him in the face. There are people who go out of their way to fuck you over every day, and surprisingly enough they don't wear hankycheifs to signify their alliance. They rock American flag lapel pins and speak of spangled banners. So go handle that, and when your finished your vegetables and you still want to be a blood or a crip because that's your favorite color and you still know the handshake I will say feel free brother man.

You could not poison the community because we were not just some people that bought similar real estate, we were FAMILY

Bullshit music inspired kids to bla bla bla.......right? Let's just accept that we were all tricked into the same shit these kids were. How can my crack head older brother tell me not to smoke crack and get on his high horse (no pun intended)? How can "we" who were fooled by NWA (yeah they were frauds), Ice T (who now plays a cop), and a much broker Jay-Z, piss fire and brimstone on the youth for doing the same thing. The game has not changed one bit. We are now just older and smarter and aware that these rap nigga's is selling lies, and half truths? Calling ourselves being civic minded by preaching to them ala the old man from New Jack City ("your soul is required in hell", lol he was the man). All the while, WE STILL DOING THE SAME SHIT

Look at Rick Ross, would you presume to tell me that no one questioned this guy from Jump Street?
FUCK NAAAW, you were all too busy hustling, hustling, Hus Hus Hustling. Kids are dying all over the world for much more opposable shit than "hip hop lyrics" and some musician's braggadocio. I can not be the only one with the stones to admit he has a serious lack of faith in the common sense of his neighbor. All the D.A.R.E programs, lectures, and family issues we all went through and some of us still smoke crack. All the shootouts, and prison time, and nigga's dying in front of you at the ball court and it's still cool to sell drugs? Or at least rap about it. WE ARE IN NO POSITION TO DISPENSE CORRECTION.

Now, on to a solution.

The reason this bullshit is allowed to continue is because you are all scary and gay. Now that sounds less like a solution, and more like me being a jerk right....? Well allow me to elaborate. Back in the day, and I mean way back (before tivo, and mc's spitting the hot crack piff) people were actually held responsible for their actions. In this amazing land of wonder, people would (your not going to believe this) TAKE PRIDE in the place that they lived. Now this may sound strange, but "black neighborhood" was not always synonymous to "bad neighborhood"..., at least not to non white people. If you were outside on the corner, actively gooning all about, and someone's grandmother saw you from her window, she would called her son (the equivalent to your uncle) who came outside with a jack in his mouth, beer and belt in his right hand (pointing at you with his left yelling "HEY NOW THERE BWOY), and whooped your raggedy ass. This was a glorious time. Now some of you are thinking "ain't no nigga gonna ooh ooh aah aah (those are chimp noises because that's what it sounds like to me)" but your wrong. See with the growing number of you wearing man pocket books, extra medium t-shirts, and booty jeans you may forget the concept of "old man strength". That old mechanic shop Jim Brown looking motherfather will not only catch wreck on you, but he will talk to you while he does it. And if you dare comeback the next day, it will only be to apologize to his mother and fix the rose bush her son threw you into while he had that "talk" with you. These are the times that bread leaders, not puppets. This was the era of Afrocentric Street Science (all ready using it...step off), and education. You could not poison the community because we were not just some people that bought similar real estate, we were FAMILY. And no one knows all your business like family. We know Fran is "going through some things" and she may want to escape through aid of some narcotic, so when we see her talking to the pusher man we rush in to save her from herself. THAT DOES NOT HAPPEN ANYMORE. We are all too busy pretending to be record company CEO's, and Bosses, and "we buy used house" moguls. Couple that with the fact that this is (though criminally proficient) the age of soft men. Sure were still violent, but it's because you hurt their "feelings" or made them feel "insecure", or not so fresh, or whatever yall nigga's say these days. Point being, the vast majority of yall are afraid of 13-19yr olds, and that's some real bitchassness. GO OUTSIDE AND STOP THEM.
Yes, he may, and probably should fight back. After all, you're a family man, a cross dresser, and a hater who does not want to see him shine. He may get a gun, I would advise you do the same. Why are we afraid to die, but content to live in fear? Are you really going to look your wife and kids in the face and say you're scared to tell a nigga born in 1992 to move off your fucking car and take his jums up the block? You are the ultimate homo if that's the case.
I say you get 30 or so neighbors who feel likewise and are armed to go outside and sit down where the hustling is going on. I mean after all its crime people. The folks doing it do not want to get caught, so a large crowd is not shall we say "good for business"…………so make it hot.
I suppose some of this may sound like snitching to the uninformed & uncivilized so let me address that while we are on our way to church (as the kids say).
I do not encourage police involvement, which would defeat the purpose of what we are doing here. WE ARE TAKING BACK WHERE WE LIVE. Why get the cops involved? That's like crying to your Uncle (Sam) that the big bad dope boy (who was born after the creation of clear Pepsi) is scaring you. You don't need cops to stop drug dealers, just a strong civilian presence. The cops should only be called after the melee is over. After all, if all the neighbors are in on it WHO IS CALLING THE COPS?
The drug dealers……….NO. So have fun whooping ass until all they can do is take it up the street.
Let em do it for 2 weeks and then talk to the folks up the street and hit em again. Fuck that yall, if you're too ascared to handle the responsibilities of your residence don't complain about the kids doing dirt, and complicated hand shakes on your front steps. Action and personal responsibility is what kept our streets safe and our kids un-knapped or molested. So put yourself on the line, or sooner or later they will put a line around your self (patent pending).

And As Always


You may fire when ready


Kane Mayfield said...

thats how i roll sun

theblacksynergist said...

At the end of the day, everyone has to take responsibility. Yes, parents are responsible. Yes, children are responsible. Yes, the lack of real "neighborhood" is responsible. Yes, television producers, actors and advertisers are responsible. And YES, stupid rappers (not all hip hop artists) are responsible. I think it is terribly foolish how we often try to find the "1 thing/person to blame for everything".

Now what? Easy. Each of us needs to take responsibility. I'm going to continue in first person to drive home the point...

1. I need to make sure that my children have a real foundation and understand "the game".
2. I need to stop allowing my children to watch (in my house) shows that portray minorities in stereotypical roles.
3. I need to not allow music in my house that is bull$h!t.
4. I need to take the time to talk to neighborhood children that look lost. Not to lecture them, but to LISTEN to them and make them understand that they can be heard without a posse or gun.
5. I need to stop purchasing products from advertisers who back biased media representations of my people.


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