Follow My Flow Fridays Part VI ...... Ladies Choice

Okay……. so I took a nice break from Follow My Flow Fridays as to not distract from my first album release. It’s called Welcome to the Audience and it is 17 different kinds of fantastic. You should definitely buy it SOON.

But all my raptastic persuasion aside…lol… I have had this request in my inbox for quite some time and boy do I hate to disappoint. This was brought to you by Amber, who you may know from my infrequent “Things my Homegirl Says”. Its one of her favorite songs, and she is one of my favorite people so the pleasure is all mine.

BTW Props to...

Brandon Soderberg for Soul Food & Sushi click here

Dj Harvey Dent for High Yellow Soul click here

Both of these guys put this record on their mixtapes… still means a lot to me that they did that.

BACKGROUND: This was a pseudo-single that was released back in 2009. I never really ranted and raved about it, but it was featured on some blogs which was cool. Actually this song has become one of my favorites to perform.
Here is the song (Streaming Play).
Funny thing is … this whole song has happened at one point or another. It is 3 verses telling stories about meeting different bad ass women (in a good way) lol.

BUT ENOUGH OF MY BLATHER….. On to the break down
***FOLLOW MY FLOW*** For the lyrics you know

This Verse is off of:Headbussa (Click To Listen)

Here is the verse w/ the breakdown:

Sexy deadly.... walk in the door
Got me sweating, I exit the Barnes and Nobles
Com-pose myself.... talk to her slow
Stilettos clip clop the marble she stroll

This is strait storytelling for the most part… I always thought the whole “book store” “compose myself” thing was cute but I really did start sweating in my suit. This was at the Barnes and Nobles in Towson.

Built like a GOOD GAAWD.....
I can’t watch or I stare...
To get her profile from the side
Old men jogging to gawk at her thighs
Face like an angel....Damn she a dime

I literally found myself awkwardly staring at this girl. She’s what gods mistress would look like. If god was Ike Turner. Lol. And this old guy really was caning it (no pun intended) so he could peek at her from around a shelf.

Ass looking like two timberland boxes
She's a threat; I'm impressed with her feminine posture
No friends no gentlemen blocking
I’m too fly to stare; she's too kind to stop me
Nails look real.... hair Dominican
Breasts look fake I tried not to mention them
Pushed two books off the shelf with a pencil
"I'm sorry dear, my god did I get you"
You a headbussa

Yeah, I really knocked books off of a shelf to get her attention
She was hot…… and I will not be judged by you. Only god can judge me.
Especially that Ike Turner God….. he gets it in.

Rest Of The Song: Just to give a little insight to the other two verses. The train thing happened when I lived on 157th St. It was a little bit after the blackout and everybody in NYC was still all “train jittery” so you could make eyes a cute chicks if you look strong enough to open the doors in an emergency lol.
The third verse was at a job…… I will not say when, or which one. Fuck that….just know it happened.

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