My P90x Adventures

Okay....... So I decided to start the whole trimming down process and a few of my friends had a lot of luck with the P90x. I knew (because i heard from basically everybody) that this would suck and my life would be an awful traverse from pain to more pain, and then to soreness, and that if i did the diet with it I may want to give my guns to my mom so I don't shoot up a Taco Bell. That not withstanding, I decided to do it, and to make it more interesting I will chronical my Narnia.......... but with black people. No really there are no black people in that movie wtf. Anyways lol. 

Day 1

So i did my first P90x workout....... and apparently that shit is like INSTANT SLEEP on a stick. I was finished around 9:30pm took a shower, and it was OVER. I mean like fuck a towel... B line from my bathtub to my bed. Took my before pictures, and btw I am a pretty fat guy. Anywho I just woke up... and I can tell this next 90 days is going to suck balls. So my first disk was Chest and Back and as soon as i was done .......BAM throwing up mad water. Its peewee football all over again. I called my boy who gave me the disc (cause fuck that) really just to complain, and he is like "yo your not done. You still got to do the Ab Ripper", so im like BASTARD. So crazy. I took a shower and just sat on the floor of my tub and almost had a "cant get up" moment. The only thing pushing me is that;

1. My before picture was some shit (my vanity wont let me live like this)
2. The way I figure .... I am already funny, and can rap. If you throw underwear model physique into the mix ... sky's the limit right lol. 
3. Good health and bla bla live longer with the thing and the place or whatever.
4. Im better in the sack when im skinny and full of energy
5. When I had a 6 pack I rarely ever paid retail.
6. Palooza....... i will explain that later.

Here is where we are........ my muscles are sore (kinda), its 4am, and I am ready to take on the world (not really).

Oh and just an aside......... all of the people on these video's look like Vampires and/or Cocaine abusers.

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