Follow My Flow Fridays Part VII.... Dealers and Hustlers

I cant front, I truly love the responses I have gotten for Follow My Flow. Just a quick aside... I appreciate you all, thank you. Additionally we recently got HARD COPIES of Welcome To The Audience and they are better than pants with pockets. So if you need one inbox me, chat me up, or stalk me in real life since i will have them EVERYWHERE lol. 
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But enough of my salesmandingo …lol… I had realized that for all of the FMF's I really haven't done any of my concept records. I know... TRAVESTY OF JUSTICE lol. But since that is something folks like to see I chose one of my favorites. This record has a very special signifigance to me because when I had first started pursuing music I was really scared that I was not good enough. One of the people who's opinons matter most to me (my big brother) pulled up to my house on a Saturday bumping this song. I looked out the window and saw him mouthing the words while he took stuff out of his trunk. I know... small thing in retrospect, but that made me feel like I had won already.

This was a last minute addition to my first EP "Prelude To The BladeRunner" (click HERE to download the EP. I was previously a stockbroker, and since no one had ever written about that from an insiders perspective Headphones suggested it.
Here is the song (
Streaming Play).
Funny thing is … I always thought that the it was nice that we are called Securities "Dealers". So I wrote a record comparing them to the other kind of Dealers i knew. Can you hear the comparison?

BUT ENOUGH OF MY BLATHER….. On to the break down
***FOLLOW MY FLOW*** For the lyrics you know

This Verse is off of: 
Dealer (Click To Listen)

Here is the 2nd verse w/ the breakdown:

Round of applause for the new representative is short lived
You still broker than the broker yelling it

When you pass your Series 7 exam you usually enter the boardroom floor to applause from the other guys clapping. You are now licensed and allowed to make money. However you have about as much as you did the day before lol.

Just a cold caller, with a couple stripes on ya
Still Breaking your neck trying to get your first order

You start out as a cold caller, then you graduate to account opener, then you can typically go on to run your own book of business. But fresh off your test, you are still cold calling even though you are technically one pay grade up. 

8am till the grave shift, maintain your corner
On the market, you heartless fucking got a margin call

Not that there is an award for it, but you will literally work from 7am till Midnight. It is a high risk, high stress, high reward business. You get stone cold... all you care about is your position (your block). Opening accounts on a shitty position will make you a killer, or wash you out of business. A margin call is where a stock you 
shorted (bet will decline, starts going up... basically you owe more money).

Client want to dump it, you studdering by some fucking more. Listen this is dollar cost average, Your dealing with the best im vet

Often when you are loosing your clients first reaction is "SELL SELL SELL, that is the worst thing they can do. For one if you loose a client you cant get paid on them anymore (selfish but true). Not only that but if you buy when its cheaper you can reduce your overall cost, which is called dollar cost averaging.

SIR, My short sale gambit, like a force field dammit
Im keeping your investment on a short leash, we short L.E.A.P.S on the advantage. Im a daredevil I do what you wont to make my sale better

At this point im just selling bullet proof vests in brooklyn. Its the classic "we are down, but im gonna fix it". All I am talking about really is the situations we went through to make money selling security for securities. 

I aint backing down, your other broker pussy, just acat the account. My pimp hand strong, my trades slap you around
He a threat, your in danger. Im correct im a trader, im the best im a player.

When you are down, or up, or just feel like getting some new money you ask for an ACAT. Which is an account transfer. So im at X firm, the borrower has a Y account and a Z account. Im like "fuck them.. they suck, stop playing with Johnny Ray's Funds and Fudge and send your money over here so i can bla bla bla. 

Rest Of The Song: Just to give a little insight to the other two verses. The Term Player.. is like I guess the best thing you can hope to be. By the time people are referring to you as a player, you can safely assume you are PAID IN FULL. But really i filled this song with stuff that would only probably make sense to people who were in Finance. I spent a good 10 yrs in the industry and there are some subtle nuances that I hid just for them.... see if you can find em. Oh, and just to spoil the story... the good guys win.

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