....With A Vengeance

Okay, so I'm back like i left my car keys at your moms house......... quietly. Just figured it would be better for me to account and detail my adventures here rather than a bunch of different places. Probably wont do a lot of current events because I am a firm believer in the concept of ; 

"if it don't affect you directly, and your not ready
to pick up a gun for it.... don't yell so loud".

Using a blog to part time pimp in causes of convenience just seems really wack to me, but then again so do those shirts with skulls all over em.
So have been ripping and running for the past year truly in pursuit of my dream. Do I dream of being a HUGE MEGA CRAZY RAP STAR ...... no.

And I never have to be honest (perhaps therein lies the problem). I just want to be an entertainer. 
That's it.........No labels. 
If at the end of the day, people are happier because I entertained them then that's a job well done and a win in my book.
Since i was like 4yrs old all i ever wanted to do was make people laugh, or just happy in general. My songs, my stage presence, my spoken word poetry, my rapping outside of the venue, to even me joking with bouncers and bartenders is still just an extension of that. The days that i am tired (because apparently aspiring artist means functioning insomniac), or the days that i am discouraged, are all balanced out by the feeling i get being on stage and giving people a great show. I have a feeling this will be a good year and i will do my best to catalog it as i go.

It may only be once a week...... yeaaah that would be fuckin trill if i did that for you.


So check in, periodically and stay in touch with my adventures.


Kane M.

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